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Dobermann SW fodervogn

Dobermann combines the exceptional nature of the basic mechanical transmission, characteristic of the Storti machines, with a series of innovations to each of its parts.

From the universal mill arm to the new mixing screws, from the electrohydraulic transmission to the reinforced rear suspension, from the automatic greasing equipment to the use of the Automotive function, the machine is full of innovations, making it increasingly adequate for heavy tasks.
Dobermann SW is equipped with a turbo-diesel Deutz engine that minimizes consumption, increases reliability and reduces the noise level.
The hydraulic drive to the wheels, with automatic variable volume of the pump, is able to convey a speed of 35 km/h to the HS model (High Speed

Capacity Mixing Speed Engine Discharge
16 m³ N. 2 vertical cutting mixing augers with two speed gearbox 28 m³ model 15 km/h Deutz Two rear discharge doors, left and right sides
20 m³   AS model 25 km/h 16, 20, 24 m³ Mod. 16, 20 m³ 175 HP / 129 kW  
24 m³   HS model 35 km/h for 16 and 20 m³ models Mod. 24 m³ 190 HP / 139 kW  
28 m³     Mod. 28 m³ 245 HP / 185 kW  
      2100 rpm  
      6 cylinders  


Selvkørende fodervogn fra Storti: model Dobermann Swr. Fodervogn med stor kapacitet.

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