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Dunker T3 fuldfodervogn vertikalblander

Dunker T3 fuldfodervogn/vertikalblander

Storti new Dunker T3, with 36,40 and 44m³ capacities, combines perfect strength with an extraordinary working speed even with heavy hay loads, guaranteeing a soft, homogeneous and a desirable TMR for the animals.
The geometries of the tank and augers have been studied in order to allow the use of high quantity of fibre.

Furthermore, the several tests made with simultaneous loading of round bales have demonstrated the quality of the machine which has proved to work also under heavy duty conditions

Capacity Mixing Discharge
36 m³ N. 3 vertical cutting mixing augers with 3 speed gearbox Front and rear direct doors, on right and/or left sides
40 m³   Front and rear discharge with PVC belt
44 m³    


Storti vertrikalblander/fuldfodervogn fra Bulldog Agri. Fodervogn/fuldfodervogn med stor kapacitet.

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